linked to the city

high-end corner

CU Antwerp is located on the corner of Londenstraat and Kattendijkdok-Oostkaai, and is bordered by Catharina Pepijnstraat. The result is a characteristic triangular shape. Along with numerous other highend premises, this project will revitalise ‘t Eilandje and the Cadix neighbourhood. CU Antwerp will be a landmark and an example of the innovative architecture that has characterised Antwerp in recent years. 

historical sense

The docks and warehouses in the Cadix district and on ‘t Eilandje once served as an extension of the port and provided a home for the many boatmen and dock workers. Since the turn of the century, Antwerp residents have reacquainted themselves with the old docks. Today, the Cadix neighbourhood and ‘t Eilandje are unique places to live and work. It is a neighbourhood that is alive, with older buildings full of character interspersed with new projects. The results of a tabula rasa, but with an intact sense of history.

added value for the neighbourhood

In CU Antwerp, accessibility is vital. An easily accessible ground floor serves as a lively pedestal and draws visitors in. At various times of the day, there will be a productive and active atmosphere in the building. Restaurants and bars will put the neighbourhood on the map. CU Antwerp will serve as a focal point, upgrading the neighbourhood and bringing it to life.