Van Wellen develops stylish future-proof residential projects in prime locations, creating high-quality architecture by paying sufficient attention to space, light and nature. Thereby enjoying the challenge of developing projects in a sustainable and energy-efficient manner and creating situations in which mobility and social dynamics deserve full attention.


Taking into account the aesthetic and social themes that dominate our current society, Van Wellen creates projects with a particularly high quality of life. In these newly developed neighbourhoods, a perfect balance is pursued between living, working and relaxing within a habitable urban environment.


A high-quality and carefree result is key. Van Wellen attaches particular importance to a customer-oriented approach in which potential buyers are guided from A to Z. After three generations of experience in the construction sector, with roots dating back to the 1930s, Laurens Van Wellen wants to guarantee modern and high-profile projects of good quality for current and future generations, in order to help build the city of tomorrow.

"Being a family business, involvement in projects is high. That makes the motivation to create something magnificent all the greater"

Laurens Van Wellen, owner of Van Wellen Real Estate Development

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